OIFESM is established in the year 2001 under due registration of GOVT. of Orissa. The Institute is the Member of National Safety Council (NSC) Mumbai, Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) and Institution of Fire Engineers(IFE) New Delhi presently functioning under Tarini Education Trust. Also the institute has bagged ISO9001:2000 Certification for its all round standardization. The management of the institute has framed up statutory rules and regulation to which the wholesome of administrative measures do abide by.

Discipline often leads to progress and progress helps us achieve the goal. The institute is designed in an attempt to cater to the need of Firwemanship & Fire-safety in industrial and corporate sectors in and out of the state. Since there is need of more number of firefighters & safety personnel in sectoral fields, the institute regulates admission procedurals to saturate allotted number of 60 & 30 seats respectively.


** WELCOME TO ***ORISSA INSTITUTE OF FIRE ENGINEERING AND SAFETY MANAGEMENT(OIFESM): Admisssion Open for Fire and Safety Management Courses Contact For More Details Contact: 9668397090 / 9938398277 / 9439507748 / 7978941878

Mission & Vision :-

Vision :
To build a state-of-the-art educational system, facilitating the process of Imparting quality professional and Fire & Safety education in India. . To in-corporate these standards in its students so that each student becomes a centre of excellence in his /her own sphere activity and the hub of growth in which ever organization he/ she may be placed. And in the long run to achieve the objective of building a disease free world through acquirement, dissemination and optimum utilization of Fire Engineering knowledge and information causing a paradigm shift in the quality of health and life of people world wide.
Mission :
Our mission to provide Trained best Fire Student from our Institution in the fast treading Fire Engineering industry in terms of Fire Man.
To promote learning by students and faculty.
To promote quality teaching of global perspective.
To acquire knowledge and skill through updated training and research.
To achieve transformation of knowledge .
To establish effective, efficient and transparent system of examination and evaluation.
To promote the spirit of entreprenuership among the students of University.
To foster close interaction with Industries.
To realize and adopt social responsibilities.