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Library Facility:

Library:-The Library is the focal point and nerve center of the Institute. While the facility already available can meetthe present requirements of the students and faculty members, facilities like magazines and journals are also available. The institute extends library facilities to the students. A spacious hall charged with tranquility and fullest discipline is maintained so as to build healthy study atmosphere while the library is set into activities during study in progress at the institute. The library has accrued collectively informative magazines, articles, newspapers and study related technical books to keep the students afreshed with latest knowledge. Admission:-Admission is restricted to the students and staff of the Institute . Issue of Privilege: Students are entitled to issue of books as mentioned below and may keep it for a period of 15 days only. Healthcare Unit:- OIFESM's healthcare unit is round-the clock open to provide health services to the students in case of any mishap.Medical personnel have been pressed in to service to take care of the health of the students.