OIFESM is established in the year 2001 under due registration of GOVT. of Orissa. The Institute is the Member of National Safety Council (NSC) Mumbai, Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) and Institution of Fire Engineers(IFE) New Delhi presently functioning under Tarini Education Trust. Also the institute has bagged ISO9001:2000 Certification for its all round standardization. The management of the institute has framed up statutory rules and regulation to which the wholesome of administrative measures do abide by.

Discipline often leads to progress and progress helps us achieve the goal. The institute is designed in an attempt to cater to the need of Firwemanship & Fire-safety in industrial and corporate sectors in and out of the state. Since there is need of more number of firefighters & safety personnel in sectoral fields, the institute regulates admission procedurals to saturate allotted number of 60 & 30 seats respectively.


** WELCOME TO ***ORISSA INSTITUTE OF FIRE ENGINEERING AND SAFETY MANAGEMENT(OIFESM): Admisssion Open for Fire and Safety Management Courses Contact For More Details Contact: 9668397090 / 9938398277 / 9439507748

Curricular Activities

Curicuar Activities :

PRACTICAL FACILITIES:-Student can develop proficiency in practical field provided they receive Through practical knowledge which is the rudimentary to the theories. The institute offers practical facilities toeach student during training . So that they can invigorates field potentialities to vitalize their Trainee-ship.

P.T & PARADE:-For physical fitness each student has to do with parade and march fast In guidance of instructor.The PT classes are scheduled for two hours Twice a day in morning at 6.ooam to 8.00am and in afternoon at 4.oopm To 6.00pm.The PT classes also cover pump drill,squad drill,rope climbing And rescue operation.

Sports:-There is a saying's 'All work and no play make John a bad boy'. However,OIFESM believes in the all-round development of the students and in keeping with its principals, the institute provides ample opportunities to the students for indoor and outdoor games and other recreational activities. A sports center is active for the promotion of games.

Healthcare Unit:- OIFESM's healthcare unit is round-the clock open to provide health services to the students in case of any mishap.Medical personnel have been pressed in to service to take care of the health of the students.